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We believe understanding how to eat for optimal health is a basic human right. We are on a member supported mission to to make the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle easy and accessible for everyone. Join Us Today!

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Successfully sticking to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet can be challenging. Our mission is to make it easy by breaking down every step along the way with our weekly free recipes, tips, and growing member community for support. Become a supporting member and join us on our mission today!

Courses & eBooks

  • $19.99

Plant Based Cooking Made Easy: Volume 2 (PDF)

    If you loved our first cookbook, hold onto your hat because we have raised the bar in every way with this second cookbook in our series. With 112 whole food plant-based recipes that are gluten free, refined oil and sugar free, low in sodium and absolutely delicious, you are sure to find new family favorites.

    • $13.99

    Plant Based Cooking Made Easy: Volume 1 (PDF)

      In this first volume of our cookbook series we share our journey to a plant-based lifestyle and how it lead us to create The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show. With over +100 of our delicious whole food plant-based recipes you are sure to find some new favorites and feel empowered to live your best plant-based life!

      • $60
      • 2 payments of $40

      28 Days Plant Based Made Easy Online Course

        Learn to successfully transition to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet in this easy to follow course.

        • $30
        • 2 payments of $20

        Plant Based Holiday Feast Made Easy Cooking Class

          Follow along in this two hour real time cooking class and learn to cook an eight dish holiday feast.

          • $4.99

          1 Week Plant Based Meal Plan & Shopping Guide

            We make switching easy in this step-by-step approach for transitioning to a whole food plant based diet. 20 delicious original recipes included!

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