The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show/1 Week Plant Based Meal Plan & Shopping Guide

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1 Week Plant Based Meal Plan & Shopping Guide

    Learn to Thrive One Full Week On a Whole Food Plant Based diet. Get started today!

    What's Inside

    We make easy to take your first steps and transition to a plant based diet for 1 Full Week!
    • Instant Download - Get Started Today!
    • All recipes include links to full step-by-step videos.
    • All recipes are 100% Whole Food Plant Based and have been tested and approved by thousands of our viewers.
    • Printable shopping list to take to the grocery store.
    Take back control of your health and start your transition to a plant based diet right now!



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    Welcome to Plant Based Made Easy.

    We believe understanding how to eat for optimal health is a basic human right. We are on a member supported mission to to make the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle easy and accessible for everyone. Join Us Today!

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    Is it safe for me to transition to a plant based diet?

    We cannot give medical advice so we always suggest talking with your doctor about changing your diet. The good news is a plant based diet is what is recommended for optimal health by all major nutritional researchers so there is very solid science behind making this change.

    How many recipes are included?

    There are 20 delicious original recipes included with clear instructions and links to step-by-step videos for each recipe.

    Do I need any special ingredients?

    There is a complete shopping list to help you get setup and ready to roll that includes all the ingredients you will need for the entire week.

    What is the Whole Food Plant Based SOS Free Diet?

    We are working on an upcoming course to take you through this in great detail but the short answer is: Eating a diet that is made from whole plant based ingredients (no animal products of any kind including no meat, dairy, cheese, yogurt, eggs, poultry, fish, or anything else that comes from an animal) with minimal processing (eating plants as they are grown) without added preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, etc, and then cooking these foods without the use of refined salt, oil, or sugar. 

    This may initially sound overwhelming but we have found, after years of trial and error, there is an entirely new way to cook that allows us to achieve this health promoting diet while making foods that the entire family (and even friends and neighbors) can love and look forward to for each meal. We can even make beautiful comfort foods that provide that familiar food "warmth" without all the guilt and poor health normally associated with such foods.