What is this Course?

We have set out a curated collection of materials in this course to cover all the learning needed to successfully transition to a whole food plant based diet over the next 28 days, which can then serve as your launch pad for living a plant based lifestyle for the rest of your life.

The structure has been set around 28 days with daily recipes and lessons but please feel free to work through the course at your own pace. We know that making this change can feel like a herculean task and we aim to have this course serve as a supportive roadmap along your way. If you miss a day or fall off the wagon just dust yourself off and jump back on! Being kind and compassionate to yourself is part and parcel with making these changes, so please relax and enjoy this ride, we can tell you from first hand experience making these changes in your life will bring with them so many unforeseen blessings aside from greatly improved health and wellbeing.

As you will learn over the next 28 days, there are some powerful forces in the world working to keep us all ignorant of our natural birth right of good health, and it can take a prolonged and well informed effort to counter these nefarious corporate interests so let's set our mind right for this task and dive in.

This course is also a living project so we will continue to update and refine the material as new resources, videos, films, and research articles are produced and as we continue to make new and exciting recipes for our show. You will have lifetime access to this course so after you complete the course you can come back and revisit any of the lessons and pickup new insights over time.

Course Structure

This course is setup in weekly sections using the following structure:
  • Weekly Shopping list: Each week will have a new meal plan that is supported by a set of our easy and delicious recipes with a specific printable grocery shopping list you can take to the store to stock up ahead of time. 
  • Batch Cooking Day: Each week will have a day to batch cook a few of our easy recipes that keep well in the fridge and that can then be used as meals and desserts throughout the week to help ease the work load of learning to cook all your own meals.
  • Daily Recipes: Each day will have a set of 4 recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Some days will repeat recipes as you will have left overs from previous days. Planning to eat leftovers and making them a regular part of your diet is one of the tricks to staying on track. All the recipes have step-by-step video instructions and printable recipe pages for your kitchen.
  • Daily Learning: Each day will have a video or book recommendation for expanding your knowledge of the fast growing world of plant based nutritional science. We will introduce you to all of the leading plant based doctors and researchers that have inspired and educated our family. Many of the videos are freely available on youtube and a few of the documentaries can be easily rented online or viewed through popular services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix. We cover A LOT of ground with these materials so please take your time and be sure to absorb each one. Keep in mind the simplest truth about plant based nutrition is just knowing HOW to cook easy and delicious recipes for yourself, and we have you totally covered! Learning WHY is fun, and at times shocking, but can be done over time.
  • Weekly Quizzes: We have included some fun weekly quizzes to help solidify your knowledge from the weeks learning material. Take some time each week and see how you do on the quiz, if you miss some things go back to the learning material for that week and rewatch or reread to make sure you fully understand the most salient points. The questions will indicate which learning material they are based on.
  • Checkins & Feedback: We provide a series of checkin videos with Jill during the course to encourage you on your way so be sure to look for those videos as the 28 days progress. Each day also has a commenting feature built into our platform, so if you have questions and need some guidance, you can ask a question and we will be there to help!
  • After the Course: There will be a resources section at the end of the course that lists some wonderful additional materials like plant based news sources, books, movies, and more which we will continue to update over time. The goal is to have you fully ready to live a plant based lifestyle after these 28 days, so we have organized everything for you, everything that we use ourselves to keep in the loop and on track.

Ready to Get Started!

Well with all that said, let's jump in and get started on your Plant Based Made Easy 28 Day Journey!

28 Days Plant Based Made Easy Online Course

Learn to Successfully Transition to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle in 28 Days!

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